My new home office chair

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Ollerum directly understood my idea. It’s actually already very comfortable; even without cushion. I haven’t found a fabric I like yet…

Update for SimpleEdit available

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I’ve just released the latest update for SimpleEdit – Your first second text, code & markup editor of choice.

Unfortunately I could only update the non-MAS version since Apple once again screwed up big time with their App Store-Certificates-Bullshit and currently there is nothing I can do about; except waiting for days, weeks, or probably months until they get their heads out of their asses again :–(

Since I’ve had had it with their shit – just drop me a line and with prof that you’ve purchased it on the MAS and I will happily send you a registration code for the non-MAS version.

SimpleEdit Website
Download SimpleEdit
Purchase SimpleEdit

Update for Bill 2 available

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I’ve just released a bug fix and compatibility update for Bill 2.

Since upgrading to 10.11.4 some users experienced hiccups with the ‘DUE, SENT, PAID’ labels. It is working again. And since I already had Xcode and the Bill project open, I fixed some boring other bugs as well.

Bill Website
Download Bill
Purchase Bill

The Instant Gratification Monkey

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Sim Daltonism

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Good design is not only stillness – good design has to be usable by visually impaired people also, no matter the used device or resolution. This is much easier when creating websites than it is when designing for Desktop applications these days; but an interface designer can still try.

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One tool I use all the time is Sim Daltonism and I recommend you make use of it too while creating interfaces.

Sim Daltonism on the Mac App Store

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Ringtones

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New phone (German review here) – new tones. Enjoy!


You will find my other ringtone sets here: MOApp Ringtone Sets

The iOllerum

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